While the two websites listed below offer some guidance to pricing of hearing aids, there is great variation in features, dispensers, service packages and insurance. Different dispensers are able to give different prices. This is somewhat based on the number of aids they sell from a particular manufacturer, their overhead costs, marketing strategy and local market.

Actually buying hearing aids on the internet has its own important issues. This article isn’t meant to cover what those are. We will do that in future blog entries. This is meant to help you compare price, in a general way.

It’s not just about finding the lowest priced hearing aid; it’s also very important to have access to follow up services after you get your hearing aids, because you will almost certainly need to get them adjusted. Hearing aids are not a simple “off the shelf” product. They are tailored to your particular loss and needs, and must be adjusted. Your hearing changes.

If the aid increases your ability to understand and process speech, your brain will change and learn, and adjustments may be needed to maximize the benefit. Your hearing could get worse, as it does for many people, so adjustments may be necessary. It’s important to be able to communicate easily with a audiologist or other hearing professional if you need adjustments to your hearing aids.

The only way the hearing aid professional knows how well the aid is working is from what you tell him. The better the information you give, the better he or she can adapt the hearing aid program to your needs and preferences. A very significant portion of the price of the hearing aid is for the hearing aid professional’s services. You pay for it, so use it!

www.hearingplanet.com If you Click on hearing aids, you will find a list of nine major brands with models, prices, etc. Each option gives you some different perspective. You can identify one or more criteria (filters) and it will sort the list. It is a very easy to use comparison chart of models within a brand. However some technical knowledge is necessary, such as what does “sound reduction” mean.

NOTICE: Hearing Planet is an alternate distribution system to the regular local hearing aid professional model, so prices are helpful but you probably can’t duplicate them unless you purchase through a Hearing Planet affiliated distributor. But the site does give a reference point for comparison.

www.hearing-aid.com Click on “researching hearing aids,” then click on “compare hearing aids.”

One last thing: Consumer Reports research found that 50 percent of the buyers who tried to negotiate a lower price were successful!

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